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   Dodge Enterprises purchases and manages Judgment debt. We have been in business since the mid 90's, and purchase judgment debt portfolios from many sources. Dodge is committed to only owning the highest quality debt, ensuring fair, ethical and legally proper treatment to all concerned. We have no direct contact with debtors, as all of our work is referred to various law firms throughout the country, depending on the residency of the specific debtor in any particular case.

To our Judgment Debtors....


     In order to ensure that you are treated properly and according to all applicable laws, we will not contact you directly and always will refer you to our attorneys. If you live in Florida, that law firm is Hiday & Ricke, PA, 4100 Southpoint Drive East, Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32216. Phone: 904-363-2769, email: If you live out of Florida, see our FAQ page for more information.

  • Dodge will only purchase judgment debt in volume, and requires full documentation of all portfolios. We do not buy 'spreadsheets', but insist that as much of the litigation file as possible is provided at the time of the sale.
  •  Contact us at  if you wish to discuss a potential sale and our requirements.
  • If you have found a lien on your vehicle in the name of Dodge Enterprises, Inc., contact the law firm listed above. they can assist you.

Law Firms

We employ creditors rights attorneys all over the U.S., and are always looking for firms that can deliver results in a prompt, professional manner, while complying with the law. Feel free to contact us at the above email address if you wish to be considered.